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The Astrea Research Centre is a consortium of companies, skilled in the Project Management of the Scientific Research and Technology Innovation, in the Engineering and in Research, Development and the Technological Transfer, the field of interest is the electronics, the sensors, the biotechnologies and the engineering applied to the process control and to the products development.

The staff of Astrea and his associates comprises 21 employees, including electronic, software, naval engineers.

Electronics: the Astrea Research Centre make use of the skill gained by its associated companies that hold the shares of the consortium, by means of the associated companies the Center is active in the development and production of: sensors and biosensors; systems for marine and environmental monitoring; battery powered systems; system for wireless data transmission; development of digital circuits based on microprocessor, FPGA and CPLD; designing of analogue electronic circuits; designing of PCB by means of electronic CAD; test and electrical characterization of electronic systems; development of prototypes.

Bioage, member of Astrea,  developed infrasonic monitoring systems for detection of underwater volcano activities. These systems and instruments are used by research centres and universities for their extreme accuracy and sensitivity. Italian Dept. of Civil Protection is currently monitoring the explosive activity of Etna volcano by using such instruments, and a similar version is currently used as tsunami real time underwater early warning alarm system and a real-time marine monitoring system has been installed near the Stromboli island in Sicily.

EdgeLab s.r.l. is an high tech SME working on  AUV, underwater robotics, sea technologies and sensors.

The company mission is to provide innovative equipment and solution responding to customer demand in the above fields. Two fundamental factors enable EdgeLab to pursue its goal: the diversified skill of the partners (coming from the world of scientific research and hi-tech product engineering), which encompasses all the competencies required for conceiving, designing and realizing underwater systems and miniaturized sensor solutions; the expertise in adopting a multi-disciplinary approach to problems, allowing to fuse the skills and focus the efforts in a goal-oriented project plan leading to meet all the application specifications.


Anagrafe Nazionale delle Ricerche n° 000142_ART3

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